MDM and Proxima Research held a special cyclical meeting

In May, employees of MDM and Proxima Research held a special cyclical meeting.

The holding company’s management decided to change the online communication that has become customary: employees from the Kiev and near abroad offices met in picturesque Montenegro.

During three days, on May 15-18, the heads of departments and leading managers of the holding company discussed the results of the 1st quarter. The analysis of the experience of the projects during this period made it possible to make quick adjustments to the 2021 plan, to highlight the most important points in streamlining and consolidating the interaction of all the structures of our multi-level holding company.

And although the sea on the Budva coast was not stormy, the brainstorm in the meeting room rose to its highest point! And this is as usual – there is no such thing as calm in the holding company and we are always at the epicentre of current events, innovative solutions and professional readiness to carry out the most complex and interesting tasks.