Twenty years of experience in communicating with healthcare professionals

Medical Data Management is part of Proxima Research International Group and is the largest provider of communication and research solutions for the companies operating in the pharmaceutical markets of Ukraine and the CIS countries.


All MDM activities are focused on two main activities, allowing to cover the needs of both the company's clients and healthcare professionals.

Communication and promotion

Providing fast reach to doctors and pharmaceutists through digital and personal communication using modern technical solutions.

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Pharmaceutical market research

Qualitative and quantitative assessments of market processes, marketing forecasts, and expert solutions.

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We know everything about the pharmaceutical market

Our expertise is based on twenty years of experience in the marketing of medicines, cosmetics, baby food, dietary supplements, and medical products.

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Advantages of MDM

Expertise in the pharmaceutical business

20 years of experience in market research and promotion in the pharmaceutical and healthcare market in Ukraine. 95% of clients are pharmaceutical companies.

Effective contact with the target audience

We are in constant contact with POPs, so we speak their language, know their habits, understand their needs – they trust us and work with us

Quality of segmentation and targeting

We use the most comprehensive and frequently validated database of healthcare professionals and institutions.

Turnkey projects

From market research and strategy creation to full implementation. Content development and testing, communication with doctors/pharmacists/patients and full reporting against project KPIs

We are transparent and compliant

We ensure that all projects are conducted in full compliance not only with the law, but also with pharma’s ethical standards, the ESOMAR code, GDPR, internal policies

Precise KPIs and honest recommendations

We agree on KPIs before the start, providing timely and meaningful feedback at all stages of the project and provide extensive advice at the end of the project


We focus on the interests of your audience.

We act in the interests of the target audience by analyzing what kind of information format is required.

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