«PHARMAVIEW – 2021» will start in Kiev on 18 February.

This annual meeting of the leading pharmaceutical business leaders for over 16 years helps the national pharmaceutical market to improve its purpose.
It discusses current trends in business development, and analyzes mistakes and methods of eliminating them. And most importantly – the forum provides an expert forecast of the near future and an assessment of the global pharmaceutical business development.

Medical Data Management, as a permanent parity participant of such conferences, has prepared an analytical report on the realities of pharmaceutical marketing in the current situation.

Extensive research was carried out to survey doctors and marketers in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan on how the digital changes associated with the lockdown and pandemic have affected their work.

The results of these surveys formed the basis of a video interview that will be presented to colleagues.We will be sure to introduce you to the «PHARMAVIEW – 2021» review.

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