Business Inteligence

BI-solutions. Convenient and overall analytics

Having data – doesn’t mean having information necessary for making decisions. Pharmaceutical companies handle specific business processes, and issues brought by this unique operational environment require flexible analysis to obtain the desired answers. Accurate and timely analytics can play a crucial part in strategic business goals achievement.

Medical Data Management offers long-term expertise in implementing solutions of company QlikTech (USA) – developer of QlikView™ – business analytics tool, which rapidly gains popularity. Innovative data processing technology In-Memory lies at the core of the product. QlikView™ is a unique, flexible and easy to use tool that provides return on investment at the level of 186% (according to the data of company IDC).

Using MDM experience and solutions in the sphere of Business Intelligence, pharmaceutical companies can:

  • monitor on a real-time basis main KPI and easily communicate them at the level of departments, subdivisions, employees
  • promptly make business decisions
  • increase transparency of operational activity
  • use more effective strategies in sales and marketing
  • accelerate development and monetization of new products

Possible areas of applying MDM expertise in BI (Business Intelligence):

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Finance
  • Logistics
  • Production
  • Correspondence  with regulatory requirements
  • R & D

Advantages of BI-products offered by MDM:

  • speed and simplicity of implementation
  • possibility to use simultaneously various data sources (CRM, ERP, market audit data, etc.)
  • powerful tools of visualizing all necessary indexes on one screen
  • possibility to analyze data in terms of various priority characteristics: region, product, medical representative, time interval, etc.
  • ensured system performance at high level
  • flexible, intelligible, user-friendly interface; taking full advantage of solution does not require deep technical knowledge from the user

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