Audit of the sales force effectiveness

Message Recall/Traper™ – Audit of the sales force effectiveness

Field Force is the most expensive tool of promotion at pharmaceutical market. Result of the entire company work directly depends on the quality of medical representatives’ visits to doctors.

Message Recall/Traper™ allows evaluation of the work quality of medical representatives at an individual level and gives answers to the following questions:

  • How many of the visited doctors recalled visit of the medical representative?
  • What information does doctor remember after the visit?
  • What medications of the considered pharmaceutical groups do physicians prescribe most often?
  • Why do they prefer these medications?
  • What is the number of prescriptions of the promoted drugs and drugs-competitors?
  • How did the visit influence a change in number of prescriptions?

Audit of the sales force effectiveness is conducted both among physicians, and among pharmacists.

Message Recall/Traper™ gives opportunity to estimate:

  • correctness of selection of the target audience for drug promotion
  • intensity and substantial fullness of promotional activity both of the own company and competitors
  • correspondence of the information given by medical representatives to the key promotional message and chosen strategy
  • skill level of the field force employees
  • reasons, drivers and barriers for work effectiveness improvement of the field force

Since October, 2005 the methodology of project Message Recall/Traper™ is the patented methodology of MDM concerning evaluation of work quality of medical representatives of the pharmaceutical companies, and the toolkit is protected by the copyright.

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