Monitoring of prescriptions

RxTest™ – monitoring of prescriptions, diagnoses, comorbidities and other characteristics of the patient

Conducted in Ukraine since 2012 through a unique methodology developed by MDM.

The main objective of the RxTest™ study is to evaluate physicians’ prescriptions, regimen and duration of use, nosology when medicine is prescribed, comorbidities, changes in therapy, etc.

16,000 interviews with 15 key doctor specialties are carried out annually within the project.

The study allows to:

  • Assess the competitive environment: audit of real medical prescriptions within the specialties
  • Identify new segments to promote medications
  • Identify the most potential audience
  • Identify specific features of prescriptions depending on the type of health facility, geography, specialty, etc.
  • Define a portrait of the patient (gender, age, diagnosis, etc.)

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