Promotional activity monitoring

PromoTest™ – monitoring of promotional activity of pharmaceutical companies

The major objective of PromoTest™ research is a continuous monthly monitoring of promotional activity of the pharmaceutical companies among 16 specialties of physicians and pharmacists. The subject matter of the given research is:

medical representatives’ activity

symposia and conferences

post-clinical studies


medical press readership

TV advertisement


Since 2003 MDM has been annually conducting about 25 000 interviews within the framework of the syndicative project PromoTest™.

The object of study of PromoTest™ project appears to be both medical representatives’ activity and special campaigns conducted by pharmaceutical companies, specialized medical press monitoring, TV advertisement, and recommendations of pharmacists.

The survey allows evaluating current market situation as well as provides complete information for promotional strategy modification. It gives answers to the following questions:

What promotional channels do competitors use?

Which ones among them constitute a threat to business?

How efficient is the promotional activity of the company?

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