Physician influence network

PhysicianСonnect™ – Map the critical interactions between opinion leaders and doctors

What stimulates doctor to integrate a new idea into a standard practice: personal experience, new information or influence of colleagues, administration, officials?

The main task of PhysicianСonnect™ is to identify opinion leaders and map the critical interactions between them and other clinicians whose opinion they influence.

PhysicianСonnect™ enables you to:

  • identify opinion leaders and geography of their influence
  • visualize networks within specific health-care areas
  • validate (detect) physicians/opinion-leaders influence status via information from physicians of the target groups
  • identify key areas for action so that you can focus your promotion where it will be most effective
  • track in long term ratio of the efforts and results from the work with key influencers to make sure you get maximum return on investment

PhysicianСonnect™ data can easily be integrated with all other MDM services and solutions, including MDM Database™ and your CRM-system.

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