Study of Target Audience Potential

DocScan™ – Study of Target Audience Potential

Which segments are the most potential among target groups of physicians? – That is exactly the question that project DocScan™ gives answers to.

In the course of the project physician’s potential is estimated on the basis of varied profile information received by means of mail inquiry of doctors of particular specialties.

The profile information is a sum-total of such characteristics as:

  • number of patients with the certain pathologies
  • information about used therapeutic classes
  • number of prescriptions of the certain medications for certain pathologies treatment
  • approaches to specified diseases treatment used by physician
  • new and repeated prescriptions
  • 1st and 2nd choice medications, etc.

Results of the research are as follows:

  • list of doctors involved in certain pathologies treatment
  • various profile information represented in an individual cut for every doctor
  • segmentation implemented on the basis of variable characteristics specified by project participants

DocScan™ panel is characterized by significant size of selection and is representative from the point of view of geography, type of medical institution and medical representative’s territory. Therefore, analysis of potential can be carried out in a cut of territorial structure of pharmaceutical company’s field force, and can also be used in KPI monitoring systems (Dashboards).

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