Evaluation of brand perception

BrandTest™ – evaluation of brand perception

Very often companies have a necessity for the complex evaluation of brand perception at pharmaceutical market. Methodological procedures for solution of such tasks appear in the research BrandTest™.

Carrying out the given sort of researches assumes:

  • studying specificity of the brand perception by doctors/pharmacists/patients
  • definition of the basic characteristics of the brand which point it out of the competitive environment in consciousness of groups of consumers and groups of influence (doctors, pharmacists, patients)
  • brand capital definition (a segment of consumers, loyal to the given brand)

BrandTest™research helps to answer such questions as:

  • What characteristics a drug (new form of a drug) should possess to attract one’s segment of consumers?
  • What drug characteristics are the most meaningful for target audience?
  • What promotional message will be most effective for drug positioning at the market?

While conducting this research both qualitative (the focus-group discussions, depth interviews, case-studies), and quantitative (questioning, interview, observation, document analysis) methods of gathering information are used.

While processing the received information wide spectrum of different kinds of statistical analysis is applied: factorial, cluster, correlation, regression, multivariate scaling etc.

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