Marketing researches

Marketing researches

Medical Data Management is a market leader in the field of marketing researches for pharmaceutical business in Ukraine. Leading domestic and foreign manufacturers of medicines, baby food, and personal care products have already been using our services for many years while developing promotion strategies.

Properly conducted marketing research projects help our clients understand the basic processes on the market, do business, make forecasts. Our customers save time, resources and efforts.

Why are we better?

High-level professionals

We have a team of professionals with experience not only in marketing researches, but also directly in the medical industry and pharmaceutical market, who have a deep understanding of processes from the clients’ point of view. These are managers with higher medical, pharmaceutical, and sociological or marketing education.

Unique team of interviewers and moderators at Ukrainian market counts today more than 170 people throughout Ukraine. Most of our regional supervisors and interviewers have been working at MDM since 2003 and have experience in hundreds of different studies. These are staff members who:

  • regularly attend trainings
  • equipped with mobile devices and advanced systems of on-line data collection
  • have higher medical or pharmaceutical education that allows them speaking the same language with our respondents.  Physicians and pharmacists regard our work with understanding, and willingly express their expert opinion

This helps to level down mistakes both during the interview process and during subsequent data processing and to ensure the highest quality of primary data collection, which is a key element of the research business.

There are no “closed” respondents and inaccessible opinion leaders for us. We are proud to have conducted studies involving different specialists ranging from senior officials of the health care system to the common local doctors. The results of our marketing researches are used by leading industry experts and academic staff for training and education of future professionals.

We use a unique syndicated MDM Database™ (updated and supplemented by our company since 1999). MDM Database™ contains not only demographic information about health care professionals, but also the history of contacts with them within the framework of researches, extended information about work experience, preferences in prescriptions, recommendations, and other information.

This gives an opportunity to:

  • do the correct calculation of sampling
  • clearly target respondents even on specific segments (for example: hospital cardiologists prescribing more than 20 statins per week)
  • most accurately extrapolate the survey data
  • provide an additional stage of obtained information control

We offer a preliminary market analysis. Thanks to expertise accumulated for many years, PromoTest™ project, which monitors promotion activities and prescriptions, as well as to information contained in the syndicated database MDM Database™, we can answer some part of questions before the research.

Basing on long-term expertise we can see even at pre-design stage in what kind of competitive environment, how long and successfully has the product been promoted. In this way we help our clients properly formulate objectives of the planned research. 

We are open to new ideas.  Our experts are not only our employees but also our customers. We are happy when in the process of interaction with our clients new approaches to solving both standard and nonstandard problems are born.

We are experts of UAM.   MDM is a member of Ukrainian Association of Marketing being an Expert in the area of pharmaceutical researches.

Depth and accuracy of the data we provide is secured by a multi-stage quality control system, and it is confirmed by our reputation and continuation of a long-term successful cooperation experience with clients. As a result of conducted research projects our clients have an opportunity to "transform information into action". They get accurate answers to their questions.

We continue to develop our marketing projects offering Ukrainian consumers new products and latest technologies. Starting from 2010 MDM conducts projects in the markets of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

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