Database of medical institutions, pharmacies and physicians

MDM DataBase™ – key to market understanding

Can a company do business efficiently and increase sales without data about its customers? Inaccurate, incomplete, outdated information about your clients seriously affects effectiveness of sales and marketing initiatives of your company.

One of characteristics features of work at pharmaceutical market is that many assumptions are made on the way between promotion and result, and at least information about client should be reliable.

Do not deprive yourself of this essential source of data about your customers! MDM database service can help you get maximum possible out of it!

Our clients have access to cataloged, normalized, full, up to date, dynamically updated database of physicians, pharmacists, medical institutions and pharmacies throughout the territory of Ukraine. MDM DataBase™ is a unique tool that enables to get complete and up to date information in real time, form a clear vision of the market, assess the real expenses for work with clients, choose correctly the growth strategy – and this is not an exhaustive list of possibilities that you can use today.

Benefits of participation in syndicated project MDM Database™:

Correspondence of database MDM DataBase™ to standards and requirements of the Law on Personal Data Protection as of 01.06.2010. The Law complements existing legal rules related to work with information in part of personal data use, liability, and access procedures. It affects every company that maintains databases (including databases of physicians, pharmacists). Medical Data Management, working closely with European partners, initially used work with syndicated database of physicians, pharmacists, healthcare institutions and pharmacies significant part of requirements of the new legislation. Therefore even today we know how to minimize your risks with a view to new Law adoption, and we have practical solution for this purpose!

The highest quality of data. MDM's database has been accumulated since 1999. Since 2005 MDM DataBase™ is the first syndicated database at Ukrainian market. Since 2007 MDM DataBase™ has been integrated with CRM systems of the world's leading manufacturers, such as Cegedim Dendrite, Siebel. The base covers 15 000 healthcare institutions, 22 000 pharmacies, more than 165 000 medical specialists and pharmacists throughout the territory of Ukraine. This is the most complete and accurate database of professionals and healthcare organizations updated on a daily basis!

Variety of data sources for MDM Database™. MDM syndicated database MDM Database™ is daily updated from various sources:

  • More than 1 500 medical representatives of pharmaceutical companies – clients of the service
  • More than 300 representatives of MDM company in all regions of Ukraine
  • Calls conducted by MDM contact center that are aimed at data validation and updating
  • Postal mailings with feedback
  • Market researches and field force audit projects conducted by MDM

Over 10.000 updates come on a monthly basis to database service department from all possible sources. Data from these sources are constantly compared, analyzed and verified to ensure accuracy of the information and deliver most precise and complete data to clients of the service.

Flexibility of data interpretation. MDM Database™ customers have an opportunity to calculate objective rates of target audience coverage by means of Field Force and raise effectiveness of medical representatives through constant validation of data submitted by them.

Flexibility in data delivery. It doesn’t matter, which software and hardware you use. Our technicians have unique experience of integrating MDM Database™ with systems used by our customers. Powerful CRM-system from global manufacturer or a program developed using own resources - in either case you will be able to use the data necessary for you!

Providing expanded marketing information. Using MDM database service, you can easily integrate into your CRM-system additional data on your clients’ potential in the context of ATC-classes or separate products.

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