Telemarketing. Possibilities of unique call-centre

Can you imagine life without telephone? Can you imagine your work without telephone? Nowadays it is the most frequently used means of communication, which allows both receiving information from your customers and informing them of your products and ongoing marketing events. It enables to invite clients to conferences and seminars organized by your company and answer their questions.

Telemarketing is an interaction through direct contact with potential or existing customers by means of telecommunication. Telemarketing can be used in market study projects, at interviewing, and while building database of new clients or updating information.

Key advantages of telemarketing are:

  • Significant time economy when working with large number of potential clients
  • Possibility to control sales process and accuracy of key promotional messages without leaving office, and if necessary make prompt adjustments
  • Telephone allows displaying greater degree of personal involvement; in the course of telephone dialogue you can immediately respond to questions and objections
  • Telephone conversation can be scheduled at any time convenient for client/ respondent
  • Telemarketing allows increasing coverage of the target audience and establishing new contacts with customers even in those regions where there is no representatives of your company
  • Relatively low cost per contact and measured ROI index

Using specialized MDM call-centre is an opportunity to diversify channels of communication with your customers.

Telemarketing also proved an effective tool in the field of marketing researches. Telephone survey enables to conduct questioning, cover large sample on tight schedule, interview remote respondents.

In 2005, MDM equipped the only specialized call-centre in Ukraine. In 2010, MDM shifted call-centre to a new technology platform, expanding range of services and opportunities for our clients.

Using CATI technology, possibilities of automatic dialing system, on-line call-centre work monitoring for our clients, 100% record of conversations and enhanced information processing systems, MDM provides professional and high-quality services in this area.

Operators with higher medical and pharmaceutical education undergo regular trainings, and use of syndicated database MDM Database™ enables our clients to receive maximum results.

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