Direct mail

Direct Mail

One of few promotion tools that renders possible personal dialogue with your customer rapidly providing information about news, product characteristics or changes in the market.

Direct mail allows expanding geography of coverage, reach new audience of potential customers, and increase frequency of contacts with existing ones. It helps to develop and maintain loyalty to your products.

Indisputable advantages of promotion by means of Direct Mail are:

High-quality targeting: direct mail enables to fully concentrate resources on target audience with account of doctor’s specialty, position, type of medical institution, region, as well as your client’s potential and preferences. You refer directly to a person, who influences decision of drug purchase.

Personalized reference: personal greeting intensifies influence and increases confidence.

Mass communications over a short period of time: reaching maximum number of doctors in all regions of Ukraine for a short period of time (max 7 running days).

Absence of competitors’ influence at the time of contact: reading letter, the client is focuses on your product.

Proper disclosure of the product: opportunity to give fullest information about drug, which will remain with your doctor or pharmacist.

Getting feedback: response questionnaires and cards are filled in directly by the addressee; you have a unique opportunity to get feedback about your product directly from the client.

Doing business with MDM and using our 10-years’ experience at pharmaceutical market, you gain a number of competitive advantages such as:

  • Most complete and accurate database of medical specialists MDM Database™ that counts more than 15 000 medical institutions and information about more than 165 000 health care professionals. MDM Database™ is in the basis of our business and it is the keystone to success of marketing campaigns.
  • Possibility to carry on target audience selection using MDM DataBase™ according to a wide range of specified criteria (region, specialty, position, clinic/hospital, home/work address, work experience, client’s potential, preferences etc.).
  • Long-term experience in the area of Direct Mail and professional team: realization of creative projects from scratch. We have individual approach to each project.
  • Possibility of personalization: sending materials referring to your client by first and patronymic name with account of his/her response to previous communications.
  • Modern data processing systems: obtaining full information and clients’ response analysis in online mode.
  • Experience in conducting complex direct marketing programs: only combination of different promotion channels gives maximum results. Use possibilities of our call-center, team of contracted medical representatives and unique Internet projects to encourage growth of your company’s sales.

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