Contracted Sales Force

Contracted Sales Force

In an increasingly competitive pharmaceutical market question about return on investment at promotion becomes ever more urgent.

Work of medical representatives still remains one of the most effective tools of promotion activities. However it is still the most expensive one.

Our service - Contracted Sales Force - can reduce operational costs of the company for this type of promotion, while free resources and manpower can be used for development of other business priorities.

High-quality outsourcing services provided by MDM and use of integrated approaches allow raising indices of return on investment and achieving the desired result.

Success of MDM Contracted Sales Force team is based on the following principles:

  • Knowledge of the market: 10 years of experience in marketing research help to choose target audience with the highest potential and formulate the most effective promotional message
  • Availability of the most complete and accurate database of all doctors and pharmacists - MDM DataBase™ - minimizes expenses and time for search of new customers, eliminates possibility of visits to non-core professionals
  • Syndicated targeting and segmentation projects within a selected audience enable to communicate with the most attractive customers from the first visit, without wasting time and resources for screening
  • Established close contacts with doctors of various specialties and pharmacists shorten period of product "adaptation" on the market
  • High level of our team professional education is provided by regular trainings
  • Modern customer relationship management (CRM-system) technologies and BI systems enable to acquire information about work of Field Force on a real-time basis and maintain control of task performance by means of GPS module
  • Unique resources for Field Force effectiveness monitoring (PromoTest™, Traper™) provide opportunity to evaluate effectiveness of visits on an individual basis and to get feedback from your customers

MDM provides opportunity to increase your Field Force without costly extension of the staff, increase for a certain period of time coverage of your target audience or make contact with new target audience, and reduce cost of visits by means of co-promotion with a non-competitive product.

Dominant position of our clients in their target segments is the best proof of our effectiveness.

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