Communications and Promotion

Communications and Promotion

“We fall into an error if we attribute to strategical combinations a power independent of tactical results”.

Carl von Clausewitz

Successful stories in business attest to the fact that with the right strategy only the one whose strategy is accompanied by a carefully designed, properly implemented and timely tactics will become a winner.

Offering expertise in promotion strategy development, Medical Data Management proves correctness of the suggested strategy by successful implementation of marketing projects.

Range of our services in this sphere covers complete outsourcing of sales and marketing (brand management, work of field force, marketing activities), as well as conduction of short-term promotion campaigns.

Our unique advantages in this sphere are:

  • 10-year expertise in the field of marketing and sales services for pharmaceutical market
  • Unique syndicated database of specialists – MDM DataBase™, which provides information on client’s potential and his preferences
  • Use of innovative information technologies in the field of customer relationship management, such as e-detailing, closed loop marketing (CLM)
  • Use of powerful tools for business analysis in real time
  • Integration of various promotion channels in a symphony of your company’s success

Find out more about opportunities to control outcome rather than the process, effectively organize relationships with customers, increase sales and optimize costs by means of such tools as:

  • Full cycle brand management
  • Contracted medical representatives
  • "Tele-Rep" service
  • Postal mailings

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