Personnel are all-important

People, who work at MDM, came to the company at different times. Some of them have been working at the company from the moment of its foundation; others have recently become members of the team. Some employees left the company, but later they came back. Nevertheless, we share the main principles – the ability and desire to work in a team. Behind this all there is an aspiration to hold high professional brand, learn, listen and hear our partners.

About 300 people work today with MDM in Ukraine. We are proud of our high reputation in the sphere of marketing services. Our clients, partners and competitors estimate it this way. It is supported by professionals. Thanks to the team we are able not only to keep loyal customers, but also attract new ones, find common ground with medical and pharmaceutical professionals, maintain partnership relations with business colleagues.

Our staffing priorities:  

  • high-class professionalism
  • thorough knowledge of the market the company operates in
  • work experience in large pharmaceutical companies
  • higher specialized (medical and sociological/marketing/economic) education
  • ability to think strategically
  • ability to understand and accurately assess clients’ needs
  • desire and ability to constantly learn and improve our skills
  • care of things that we do, responsibility, commitment

Nadia VorushyloGeneral Manager

Graduated with honors from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, specialist in the field of information technology, later she graduated from Chartered Institute of Marketing (Great Britain).

Nadia has been working at pharmaceutical market since 1996. She started career in sales department of a distribution company. Since 1999 Nadia works in Medical Data Management, since 2001 she is the head of the company. Her current priority is to further develop the company, enter new markets, and offer innovative solutions for marketing and sales.


Lana LuryeDeputy Director, Sales and Marketing of Marketing Researches

Works at MDM since 2008. Ph.D. in medical sciences. Graduated with honors from Kharkov Medical Institute with degree in Medicine, and from Economic Department of Kharkov State University with degree in Marketing (second education).

Lana worked as a medicine doctor, head of department in Therapy Institute at Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. She has five years of successful work in drug sales and three years at product-management in her dossier. Careers at GlaxoSmithKline, Solvay Pharmaceuticals, AstraZeneca, Schering-Plough. She has passed professional training education on team leadership, marketing brand planning, and effective leadership.

Lana is a specialist in the field of market analysis, building sales and marketing business processes, promotion of Rx and OTC drugs of different therapeutic groups. She has extensive experience working with opinion leaders and key customers.

Is responsible for sales and marketing of marketing researches of MDM.


Natalia Pazyuk Deputy Director, Sales and Marketing of Promotional Department

A master of marketing and a graduator of Advertisement High School. She has 10 year’s experience in marketing departments of large pharmaceutical companies.

Natalia worked as Business Unit Manager, Marketing Manager and Field Force Manager. During her activity at these companies she has formed effective, high-resulted, qualified, high-performed and success oriented teams. She has embedded effective marketing programs. Natalia is a developer of unique advancement technologies which generate significant sales growth.


Alexandra SerdyukovaDeputy Director, Sales and Marketing of Promotional Department

Alexandra has been working at pharmaceutical market since 1996. Graduated from the National Academy of Pharmacy. She has been building her career and has developing herself with the pharmaceutical business in Ukraine.

She has reached significant achievements: from a simple pharmacist to marketing manager. She has over 10 years experience as a product manager in OTC-direction. Alexandra has a huge experience in the promotion of products and in the successful implementation of marketing projects.

In MDM Company Alexandra is responsible for direct marketing, including Internet marketing and sales in promotional department.


Irina Kozachanskaya Head of Financial and Administrative Department

Works in MДM since 2009. Responsible for managing administrative, financial and tax accounting, reports creation and preparation. Engaged in planning and budgeting, legal and financial support of projects, supervises the work of the administrative department. Participates in a project of ERP implementation.

Has experience in financial consulting, investment analysis and planning (estimation and diagnosis of company’s financial condition, offering solutions for improving the financial condition, business plans development, feasibility studies).

Irina graduated from the Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics with honors and is a Master of Finance.


Nadezda Yanushevskaya Head of Marketing and Research Department

Graduated with honors from Altai State University (Russia), specialization – sociology.

She has 7 year’s experience in marketing research in Russia (Moscow) and Ukraine: expertise in the pharmaceutical market, markets FMCG, B2B and services. Headed the direction of marketing research. She is engaged in the strategic development direction, oversees the work of projects in the syndicated and ad-hoc departments.

Viacheslav ZemlianskiyHead of Software Development

Viacheslav has over 10 years of experience in corporate information systems development as a project manager, architect and leading programmer. During this period he participated in projects for the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, State Statistics Committee of Ukraine, Ukrtelecom, Astrum Company (Ukraine), XRT (France), highsystem (Switzerland). He has wide experience in development of solutions on the platforms .NET and J2EE using Oracle RDBMS, MS Sql Server, Sybase, MySql. He graduated from the Faculty of Cybernetics, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev, in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.

In MDM Company Viacheslav is responsible for development and implementation of new information processing technologies that provide comfort, reliability, speed and safety of company’s information services.

Felix KorshikovHead of Contracted Sales Force Department

Works at MDM since 2008. Felix has two degrees: pharmaceutical and economical. He has professional experience in pharmaceutical market since 1997. He worked as medical representative of the company "Ferrosan International A/T", as a regional manager at JSC "Pharmaceutical Company "Darnitsa" and JSC “Pharmaceutical Company “Zdorovye”. He headed sales and marketing department of a company operating on FMCG market. Felix passed training education in Ukraine and abroad on sales, communications, and presentation techniques. He is a high-class professional in the area of Field Force management, which is evidenced by successful and long-term projects of our company in the sphere of Contracted Sales Force services.


Yuliya Galustyan Deputy Director, Marketing and Sales Manager

Graduated with honors from Kiev Institute of National Economy. Ph.D in sociology. Engaged in sales and marketing in the direction of marketing research. She has 20 year’s experience in the field of social research. Member of the Group of Experts on Social Exclusion (2005-2007), national expert-coach of United Nations Development Program in Ukraine, project coordinator in the field of HIV / AIDS. She was awarded a medal for an active social life by the Ministry of Family, Children and Youth of Ukraine. She has more than 50 scientific publications. 


Katerina Parkhomenko Program Manager

Katerina graduated from National University of Technology and Design. She started her career as a project manager, more than 5 years headed the database department.

On the pharmaceutical market since 2011.

In company she is responsible for the direction of loyalty programs support, participates in the implementation of projects, and coordinates the work of department.


Olesia PetrovskayaHead of development and support department

Olesia graduated from Kiev International University of Civil Aviation, specialization – marketing in the industrial sector. She has 12 year’s experience in the contact-center system companies with extensive branch network, built on different platforms: Cisco, Avaya, Asterisk, Smile. Successful 7 years’ experience in reengineering of business process of contact-centers to changing market requirements. More than 15 years worked with contractual and claims activities.

Headed the direction of the development and support of telecommunication projects. Olesia is engaged in the strategic development direction, oversees the work of the contact-center and database department.