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”The Prevention of HIV among IDUs and FSW through pharmacies” project is the best practice in Ukraine

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On October 24-25, 2013 working meeting between project managers and Project management department in the Eastern region was hold at Hotel "Bratislava", Kyiv. Event was organized by International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine.

Julia Galustjan, the Deputy Director of Marketing and Sales of "Medical Data Management" who has been leading the project "Prevention of HIV infection among injecting drug users and female sex workers through pharmacies” made a report on the event.

This project is implemented by MDM staff with financial and technical support of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine together with Foundation ”Harmonized society”. Julia`s report was dedicated to the best practices in service delivery for HIV – infected patients through pharmacies. The project started on April 1, 2013 and was recognized as the best project among similar pharmaceutical projects in Ukraine. In her report Julia Galustjan briefed the participants with the basic purposes of the project and the indicators on coverage customers, elaborated on the model of relations with regional partners of HIV- service organizations, presented the minimum package of services for clients of the project on the basis of pharmacies. Julia Galustjan responded to the questions raised in participants of working meeting related to the peculiarities of accounting and control of consumables.

The report of Julia Galustjan you can find here.