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Pharmpromotion in Ukraine

28/11/2013Printable version Printable version

14 November 2013 in the hotel «Rus», Kiev was held a conference «Pharmpromotion in Ukraine. The new rules – 2013. Current practice». Leading lawyers, members of scientific institutions and representatives of pharmaceutical companies have actively discussed the issue of legislative restrictions in medication’s promotion in Ukraine and the new Instruction «Medications. Good promotion practice».

The conference focused on three aspects of promotion: regulatory, analytical and applied.

Elena Onischenko, Head of Syndicated Research Department of «Medical Data Management» company delivered a report "Modern practice and trends of specialized media as a channel of promotion activity». In this report, Elena Onischenko emphasized that, according to «Medical Data Management» research data, specialized press occupies one of leading places in informing of target audience (doctors and pharmacists). Analyzing the structure of memories about the promotion channels among pharmacists, advertising in specialized press significantly overtop television advertising by the number of memories.

Elena Onischenko argued that with the help of indicator of target audience crossing coverage by specialized publications, you can optimally deal marketing budget of medication. This indicator allows to reveal publications, in which advertising will be most informative for the target audience. Report of Elena Onischenko You can find by clicking on the link.