Medical Data Management (MDM) is a leading solutions provider for sales and marketing support at Ukrainian pharmaceutical market.

MDM worldwide

Medical Data Management (MDM) was created in 1989 in the USA as a consulting company providing services for pharmaceutical corporations, which planned to enter the "risk markets". In 1992, seeing necessity not only in consulting services but also in providing services locally, founders made a decision to create the European company office in Poland (1991-1992).

In 1999 the company opened its office in Ukraine. By then European offices of the company operated in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia and Ukraine.

From the very beginning the main directions of MDM activity were focused on database creation, softwear development, direct mail, marketing researches, and clients’ business promotion.

MDM in Ukraine

Activity of MDM Ukrainian office began in 1999 with collecting database of doctors, medical institutions, pharmacies, and druggists, which became the backbone of company’s business activities.

In 2000 MDM was conducting Field Force audit projects Traper™, marketing researches, direct mail projects.

Since 2003 PromoTest™ research has been carried out – monitoring of doctors’ prescriptions and promotional activities of pharmaceutical companies in medical and pharmacy segments.

In 2004 after a year of strategic cooperation Medical Data Management became a part of major international corporation Dendrite International, a leader in the field of software development for the pharmaceutical industry and operating in 50 countries.

In 2005 a number of subdivisions, including Hungarian and Ukrainian offices, were offered to shift to a new level of collaboration. A bilateral contract was concluded, in accordance with which the Ukrainian office became an independent local company with access to the whole range of products and technologies of global corporation. The sides worked under the partnership agreement till 2010.

Due to such partnership the company secured access to professional products of world quality and front-rank technologies in area of business support. On the other hand, MDM gained a complete freedom of actions in terms of own products development and conduction of marketing policy. According to company executive, this played a great role in MDM development and advancement.

In 2006-2007 MDM already acquired leading positions on pharmaceutical research market in Ukraine. The company became the source of front-rank technologies and a range of new products for Ukrainian marketing specialists.

In 2006 the company was the first to implement best world practices with Customer Relationship Management Systems on the basis of one of the world's leaders solutions.

Due to Medical Data Management a new category of service appeared at Ukrainian market this very year – syndicate database of doctors, pharmacists, medical and pharmaceutical institutions. Specialized call-centre was organized as well.

In 2007 corporation Dendrite Int. and Cegedim company, France (equivalent to Dendrite Int. on the turnover and value on the global market) have merged. As a result a global leader was created – Cegedim Dendrite company which covers the highest world market share (35%) in a field of software for the pharmaceutical business.

For 8 years MDM was a partner of Cegedim Dendrite but in 2011 at the prospect of MDM expansion of business dimensions and geography this partnership is terminated.

MDM made a considerable contribution to promotion of Business Intelligence systems (decision support systems) on QlikView platform, produced by QlikTech.

MDM today

Today MDM Ukraine has a lot to be proud of: the company has big turnovers; business with leading world brands. Highly skilled employees, who got education and have work experience in Europe and USA, work in Medical Data Management. About 300 personnel cooperate with MDM in Kyiv and regions.

MDM offers different projects, directed to increase efficiency of field force activity (unique methodology which is difficult to reproduce without serious examination and enormous experience).

Today MDM is actively concentrating not only on decision making support in terms of information and technologies but also offers promotion services, including sales force outsourcing, as well as marketing.

The list of MDM clients and business-partners includes: Nestle, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi-Aventis, Berlin-Chemie, MSD, Nycomed, Bayer, Arterium, AstraZeneca and other no less known companies and corporations.

Today MDM syndicate database supports more than 1 500 users and maintains about 165 000 records with information about health care professionals.

According to Ukrainian Association of Marketing (UAM), in 2010 MDM was named as one of the TOP-10 leading marketing agencies of Ukraine and the irrevocable leader in the area of marketing researches for pharmaceutical market.

According to results of expert poll conducted by UAM, MDM has the highest reputation providing quality of performed services, and is leading in the “price-quality ratio” category. Such a high estimation of company activities was given by experts – representatives of pharmaceutical companies.